i like what you're doing there

Filmmaking. Storytelling. Sounds. Images. Letters. Performance. Inspiration.

DIY. Do it now.

I believe in you.

I also have http://cinematicmetamorphosis.tumblr.com/

Stuck in my head…

"Hero" - Family of the Year

Friday groove.

My favorite Lana Del Rey song I’ve heard thus far.

"West Coast" - Lana Del Rey

A Friday instrumental jam.

Happy Memorial Day Weekend, all!

Get your groove on…

"Preben Goes to Acapulco" - Todd Terje

William Eggleston

William Eggleston

Why are we getting fatter? Is it the fat in our food? Nope. What is it?

"Sugar: The Bitter Truth" with Dr. Robert H. Lustig (UCSF)

Time to wake up.

Boy, that elephant can boogie boogie!!

For those who are feeling it…

"Lunatic Asylum" - Serge Gainsbourg

Good Morning, World! This one goes out to all the people “Living Just Enough for the City…”

Hang in there, sisters and brothers…

You can move beyond…